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Helpful Safety Protocol To Observe When Working With Pallet Racks

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If there are pallet racks in your warehouse, it's important to exercise extreme caution when using and working around them. After all, one wrong move could send these racks crashing down and result in serious injuries. You can avoid these hazards by observing the following safety protocol. 

Ensure Proper Installation

A lot of pallet racking accidents occur simply because the racking system wasn't set up properly. A beam or base may not have been installed correctly, for example, making your racking system structurally weak. 

You can avoid these careless and costly mistakes by having your pallet racks set up by true professionals. Make sure the installation crew is well versed in the system you've chosen for your warehouse. It's also important to ensure they have the right credentials and positive feedback from previous clients. You'll then have a peace of mind throughout the entire installation and for years after it's complete. 

Set Up Steel Guards 

No matter how durable a pallet racking system may seem, there will always be potential weak-points. When these areas are hit, the racks and the products they support can fall unexpectedly. That's why it's so important to protect these sensitive areas with steel guards. 

These guards are designed to withstand heavy impacts without damaging, making your warehouse a much safer place to work. They are generally colored bright yellow, which helps alert machine operators transporting pallets to stay clear. These steel guards also feature a powder-coated finish, which prevents them from rusting or easily scratching as time goes on.

Deliver Loads Correctly 

Your machine operators have a huge impact on the safety of your pallet racks. Accidents are less likely to occur if your operators deliver loads correctly, which involves gently placing pallets evenly on the rack's surface. Once the pallet is placed, the operator should double-check to make sure it overlaps evenly in the front and back by several inches.

You can rest assured your operators know how to load pallets onto racks correctly by having them undergo extensive training. They'll be required to pass a series of tests and show competency when actually using various machines. This way, you know for certain that your operators can work safely and employ the right maneuvers should adverse scenarios occur. 

No matter what type of pallet racking system your warehouse utilizes, it will not be dangerous to use or work around when the right safety protocol is followed. This makes your work environment safer for everyone involved. For more information, contact companies like Warehouse Equipment Solutions.