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Choosing The Right Janitorial Equipment For A Large Office Building

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When it comes to keeping a large office building clean, your janitorial crew has a lot to maintain. Having the right equipment can make cleaning tasks easier while also helping to cover big areas. If you are looking for new janitorial equipment, here are some options to consider.

Floor Scrubbers

Mopping all the flooring on every level of the building can be time-consuming and sometimes ineffective. Floor scrubbers provide a perfect solution to this problem. Industrial floor scrubbers often come with a wide-angle design, and many have built-in automatic squeegees that help wick water away to leave floors drier. Look for a ride-along design that features motor-driven operation, as this reduces the amount of physical work needed to clean the floors. The scrubber you choose should also have a GFCI safety power cord to prevent shocks and injuries.

Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

While there are many different types of industrial vacuum cleaners to choose from, backpack vacuums make it easy for your crew to move from room to room while cleaning carpets. These vacuums come with attachments that can be used to quickly clean upholstery on waiting room furniture and remove dust and dirt from crevices. Long attachments can even be used on blinds, ceiling fans, and draperies.

Outdoor Sweepers

Keeping the outside entrance and sidewalks for your building clean is also important. A sidewalk sweeper can be a great option for cleaning up litter and removing dirt and debris from walkways and driveways. Large rotating brushes sweep large particles into a tray or canister, which can then be emptied much like a bagless vacuum cleaner. Push-designs are ideal for large office buildings in urban areas with limited sidewalk space, while ride-on models make a smart option for buildings located in large office parks.

Cleaning Carts

Of course, not all of your cleaning needs can be met with industrial equipment. Your crew will also need to change garbage can liners, clean tables, dust surfaces, and replace bathroom supplies. Cleaning carts provide a great solution for these tasks. Large carts with integrated garbage cans make it easy to collect trash from cubicles, and on-board storage cabinets provide space to hold toilet tissue, soaps, and other essentials. Be sure to include safety gear, such as caution signs, to ensure the safety of employees and visitors in your building.

Designate a centralized location for this equipment on one floor of the building, and set aside space on each floor for storage carts to make accessing cleaning supplies easier for your janitorial crew. For more information, visit a website such as buyitbythecase.com.