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Keep Your Magnetic Contactors in Good Shape to Promote Workplace Safety and Efficiency

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Magnetic contractors can play a key role in any apparatus that includes motors or electricity to get the job done. You may need to quickly turn off the power to your production line for safety reasons or be looking for ways to start and stop production without needing manual controls. These magnetic connectors may need regular upkeep and care though just like any other part at your facility. Here's why it's a good idea to make sure your magnetic connectors stay in good shape and why having a YuCo replacement ABB EH or similar connector on hand as a backup is a good idea.

Magnetic Connectors Promote Workplace Safety By Starting or Stopping a Motor Without Human Interaction

Magnetic connectors can quickly and easily start or stop a motor or other moving device by allowing electrical current to reach the area it needs to go or by preventing that electrical current from reaching its destination. Using this kind of system will ensure that no employee needs to use a manual control in order to redirect electrical current or come into close contact with a moving motor or another production part.

Magnetic Connectors Can Help You Automate the Production Process and Become More Efficient

Once your entire system or production line is set up with magnetic connectors to help distribute or stop the flow of electricity or power, you may be able to hook everything up to an automated computer system. This could tell the connectors to either allow the magnets to attach or detach according to a set schedule going forward. This could make your entire production process more efficient because you won't need to have a human employee on hand or nearby to make sure things stay on schedule. You can reallocate labor to other tasks, thereby speeding up another part of the production process.

Keeping Replacement Parts on Site Will Ensure Less Downtime and Ideally No Lost Revenue

Magnetic connectors for your production process can clearly provide a number of key benefits but your workplace won't be able to make use of those benefits if you have a key part go down and no replacement is immediately available for the repair. Reach out to a provider of replacement parts for magnetic connector systems to stock up on all needed parts before you actually need them and you'll be able to ensure that your production process stays right on schedule day after day and all year round.