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Effective Buying Guide For Hydraulic Seals

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Hydraulic seals are pivotal components for hydraulic cylinders because they keep fluids from reaching different areas. You may eventually need to buy a set if you rely on a hydraulic system to generate power. Using this buying guide, you can be happy with the seals you purchase for a long time.

Assess Hydraulic Cylinders Carefully

Hydraulic cylinders can vary in terms of their size, shape, and specialty features. You want to look at these attributes carefully before choosing seals because that's going to help you end up with a better set. Give yourself enough time to thoroughly analyze your cylinders to see what distinguishable characteristics are relevant to this seal purchase.

You might need to get particular hydraulic seals because of the diameter of your cylinders or the location where these seals are being placed. Be patient and then the right seal selection can be made with a supplier or manufacturer.

Decide Between Custom and Standard Sizes

It's pivotal to get the right size of seals for a hydraulic cylinder because this will affect the installation and sealing performance you get after. There are two ways you can approach this particular spec. Either you can get seals that are a standard size or have custom dimensions.

The former option is probably ideal if you're dealing with basic hydraulic cylinders that don't have any special attributes. Whereas if your cylinders are pretty unique, you may need to get with a seal manufacturer and have them create seals with custom dimensions. 

Carefully Review Fluid Compatability

Hydraulic seals need to be totally compatible with the fluid that's moving throughout a hydraulic cylinder because if they're not, the seals will slowly start to break down. Then they're going to leak and cause performance issues for your hydraulic cylinders. For this reason, check fluid compatibility early on when seeking out hydraulic seals.

What fluids can they come in contact with and perform optimally long term? You won't have to guess because this fluid support will be described by the seal manufacturer. Some seals are rated to support a wide variety of fluids too, which would be ideal for getting a versatile seal that doesn't have to be changed out if you ever changed hydraulic fluids. 

If you're looking to be totally satisfied with how new hydraulic seals are set up and perform on hydraulic cylinders, you need a careful approach to purchasing these components. Give yourself as much time as you need to look over relevant factors.