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Important Maintenance Steps For Air Compressors

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Air compressors are handy devices to keep on your property, as they let you keep equipment aired up. In order for them to work correctly for years, though, you need to maintain them correctly. Thanks to these tips, you can prolong the life of your air compressor and avoid costly repairs.

Inspect Oil Filters 

The oil filter on your air compressor is designed to screen out contaminants, much like a filter would do for an AC unit. However, when this filter gets dirty, it doesn't perform at an optimal rate and leaves your compressor susceptible to overheating and breaking down often.

As a precaution, take out the filter and inspect it in some light. If it's completely covered in dirt and other debris, find a suitable replacement. Just make sure it has the right dimensions to fit properly in the filter housing unit. Also consider upgrading to a reusable oil filter. You won't have to change it out every time it gets dirty; a simple clean will suffice.

Clean Battery Terminals

If your air compressor is battery-powered, the battery terminals on your air compressor will naturally get dirty over time. Failing to keep them clean can result in power issues, possibly preventing you from using the air compressor all together.

Fortunately, keeping these terminals clean is not that difficult and special chemicals are not required. All you'll need is some water, petroleum jelly, and baking soda. Mix these ingredients in a bowl and spread it over each dirty terminal. Then, using a wire brush, scrub until rust and debris starts falling off. 

Use the Proper Storage 

Leaving your air compressor sitting outside is only going to wear down parts prematurely. Then, you may be left with costly replacements and repairs. You can prevent these issues simply by keeping your air compressor stored in the right environment, when it's not being used.

The storage environment should be temperature-controlled and secure. You wouldn't want your family tampering with your compressor and getting injured, after all. If you can't find a temperature-controlled environment, you can always put a weatherproof cover over it. It will shield the compressor from a variety of elements -- including wind and water.

If you rely on air compressors for a lot of important duties around your property, take time maintaining them over the years. Parts will then work like they're supposed to, saving you a lot of time and money on complicated repairs.