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The Different Uses And Purposes Of Stainless Steel Bollards, And Why They Matter

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A bollard is a steel post that has different uses. In fact, there are two kinds of bollards, and each has a different sort of job. When you see a stainless steel bollard, you will be able to recognize what type of bollard it is, and what it is supposed to do in the location where you find it. You will also learn why recognizing the differences between the two types of bollards matters. 

Maritime Bollards

Bollards have long since been used in maritime areas for the purpose of securing boats. Typically, the bollards are extremely large, very dense steel poles or oddly-shaped cylinders that look like giant ink stampers. Maritime bollards often last much longer than the docks on which they are positioned. However, bollards that are installed in the water itself are grounded by steel columns underneath, which makes them immobile despite the fact that they are in the water. 

Land Bollards

Bollards on land that are far from any river, bay, or ocean are clearly not installed because people expect to ride in boats down the street. (That typically only happens in Italy, and Italy has its own special way of mooring boats in the watery streets of Venice.) Of course, if you live in an area where extreme flooding occurs, these bollards could act as securing posts for boats while you make an attempt to rescue people from the rooftops.

However, land bollards are installed for protective reasons. There have been many incidents on a global scale where terrorists or thieves will attempt to crash thru a crowd or a storefront to cause harm and take things. The stainless steel bollards installed in front of these stores and down the streets on the sidewalk prevent the trucks and criminals from succeeding at their plan. The fronts of the trucks end up wrapped around the land bollards, and the stores and people inside are protected. 

Why It Matters

If you are going to have a bollard installed, you want to be sure it is the correct kind. A land bollard can protect the front, back, or side of your home, if you live really close to the highway and a car is likely to crash downhill toward your home. A maritime bollard is an excellent idea if you have waterfront property and need to tie up your yacht or sailboat. It is not a good idea to get them mixed up.

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