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Three Benefits Of Oilfield Pipe Thread Protectors

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Oilfield pipe is supposed to be really durable, right? So why would you need to protect the pipe threads? Well, actually, these are not protectors for when the pipes are in use in the oilfield. They are meant for the transportation and storage of pipe. Here are a few benefits to protecting these pipe threads:

The Pipe Threads Remain Intact

Wind and weather during transport can rust or erode the pipe threads, making them difficult to connect in the oilfield, and even more difficult to keep connected to other pipes. The protectors prevent elemental damage to the threads so that every pipe connects effortlessly. You never have to worry about stopping oil line construction because the pipe threads cannot come together and form a solid bond.

Potentially Dangerous Pests Cannot Make Their Homes in the Pipes

From Canada to Texas, the U.S. gathers oil in many places. Until more pipes are needed, the pipes are stored. Unfortunately, this means that pipes stashed in certain warehouses come into contact with the likes of poisonous spiders, scorpions, snakes, and even mice.

If the pipes are not capped by protectors, these dangerous pests (and their waste) can move in and reside inside the pipes. Then an oil field employee would come along, pick up the infested pipe, and possibly end up very sick or dead. With the protectors in place on pipes that are stored, this entire issue is avoided.

Keep Water and Mud out of the Pipes Too

Oil and water never mix. If water gets into the oil pipe line, the refinery is going to have some extra work to do trying to extract water from the oil before refining it. Likewise, mud sludge in the oil line can jam up the pipes and prevent the free flow of oil. This can happen when uncapped threaded pipes are dropped in a wet oil field or stood on end vertically in wet mud. With the protectors, there is significantly less chance of mud and water entering the pipes.

Where to Buy Pipe Thread Protectors

There are manufacturers that specialize in pipe thread protectors. Most of your options are plastic, but there are some screw on or screw-in metal protectors, too. There are drill pipe protectors, tubing thread protectors, and casing thread protectors of various sizes to fit your needs. If you need some custom pipe thread protectors, be sure to ask the manufacturer about this option.

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