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Safety Tips For Setting Up And Operating A Portable Roof Panel Machine

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If your roofing company has been growing and you have decided to offer your customers custom-made metal roof panels, then a portable roof panel machine purchase is in your business's future. Whether you choose to rent a machine for a short time to find the right model or buy one outright, it is vital that all of your employees know how to correctly setup and use it. Since roof panel machines have sharp blades and high-pressure hydraulics, safety should be a primary concern.

Below are some tips to help you and your employees stay safe while you setup and use your roof panel machine for the first time:

Tip: Setup the Roof Panel Machine on an Appropriate Surface and Level It

Your portable roof panel machine sits on its own trailer so you can easily move it from one job site to the next. When it arrives onsite, you need to place the trailer on a stable surface made of asphalt, concrete, or a hard compacted soil.

Before you start to level out the machine, first you should walk around it and remove any hazards. For example, stray parts, buckets, and other tools must be moved because they pose tripping hazards. Once the work area is free of dangers, then use the hydraulic jacks on each corner of the trailer to level your machine. The leveling process must be accurate because a machine that is not perfectly level will shake and can injure someone. 

Tip: Inspect the Roof Panel Machine Before Use

As with any piece of heavy machinery, you must take a moment to inspect the roof panel machine before you use it. Make sure all of the emergency electrical stop plugs are in place, all of the hydraulics are securely connected, and there are no broken parts. If you find anything wrong, immediately take the machine out of service until it is certified to be safe for use.

Tip: Don't Adjust or Troubleshoot the Machine While It is Running

Finally, if you discover that your roof panel machine is out of adjustment or think it might be having a mechanical problem, then it is vitally important that you turn it off before working on it. This is very important because when the machine is in operation you might reach across it or make other unnatural movements that could cause your hands or clothing to become trapped in the machine. 

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