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A Look At Grinding Coal With A Ball Grinder

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While coal burning isn't as common as it was in the past, many people still use it to heat their homes. Those who enjoy their coal furnace should understand why grinding coal with a ball grinder is a beneficial process. They also need to learn how to do it safely.

Why Grinding Coal Is A Good Idea

There are many different reasons to grind coal. One of the best reasons is to decrease the mass of water in the coal. Properly grinding it will make it finer, reduce its water content, and make it easier to store. Even better, grinding coal makes it more efficient when being used for energy. Those who have a coal furnace of any type should consider grinding their coal.

There are typically two different types of mills used for this process. While vertical mills do have their fans, ball mills are the best choice for grinding coal. This kind of mechanical milling can be done at home and provides users with a precise and outstanding level of coal grinding.

Ball Milling Is Very Precise

Most people who grind coal use ball mills because of their precision. Running a grinder like this will create final particle sizes between one to five microns. As a result, it is very easy to grind coal to a very dust that can be used in a furnace to increase its efficiency quickly and easily.

While it is possible to contact a professional to do this process, many people who own coal furnaces prefer having a mill right next to their stove. This offers them the benefit of a streamlined system that is easy to use and inexpensive to operate.

How It Works

Grinding coal is a relatively straightforward process divided into several stages. In the first, the balls of the grinder fall against the coal and break it apart. This step helps to start the process by taking care of the roughest part of the grinding. During the next stage, the powder will start to get smaller and break into finer particles.

Just before the final stage, the solid coal will be nearly absent. This point, the coal will be either complete dust or very close. The amount of dust you create will depend on your needs. Avoid making it too dusty as this can make it harder to store or collect when finished with the grinding process.

Mechanical mills like this are available from a wide range of manufacturers. Those who are interested in them need to take the time to understand their benefits and to execute the milling process accurately and safely.

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