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3 Must Haves For Every Commercial Kitchen

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You've been thinking about opening your own restaurant, and while there is much to do, you're filled with joy about the prospect of making your dreams come true. One of the things that you're especially excited about is having your own commercial kitchen. You're probably spending a lot of time figuring out which appliances you'll need, but there are also some other things you'll want to make sure your kitchen has. Here are three must-haves for every commercial kitchen:

Plastic Grease Trap

Also known as grease interceptors, this contraption is essential when it comes to managing the amount of grease that gets formed in commercial kitchens. These special types of traps allow grease to separate from solids and keep them stored in a holding container, which helps to prevent harmful wastes from getting into the sewer system.

Grease traps also keep drains from getting clogged and also work well as a garbage disposal. When getting a grease trap, make sure it is made out of plastic as the metal ones have been known to corrode.

Class K Fire Extinguisher

This type of fire extinguisher is essential for any commercial kitchen as it is the only type of extinguisher that effectively puts out fires that involve grease or cooking oil. Class K fire extinguishers work by using a process called saponification. This means that the fire extinguisher contains a wet chemical extinguishing agent that turns the oil or fat that is involved in the fire into a lathered substance. This soapy substance then absorbs the heat that is emitted by the flames and causes the fire to fizzle out.

Commercial Ice Maker

Every restaurant on the planet serves cold drinks, so it makes sense that one thing you'll need in your commercial kitchen is an ice maker. This will alleviate the need of having to make and store all those ice cubes in your freezer. Most modern ice makers are easy to clean, but you do have to be careful about mold, especially if you'll be working with a lot of yeast in your commercial kitchen. There are ice makers that have a wall of protection between the ice making compartment and the air cooler which can help to reduce instances of mold.

Commercial ice makers have the ability to make anywhere from 65 to 3,380 pounds of ice a day, which means there are many to choose from to suit your needs. 

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