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Keeping Employees Safe When Using Bulk Bins In A Warehouse

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If you just purchased a warehouse where you will have several employees on-hand to perform a variety of tasks on the premises, you will need to make an effort to keep these people safe when utilizing tools and parts needed to do their jobs effectively. There is likely to be an area where bulk bins are located, containing helpful items that employees will need to retrieve when needed. Keeping those using these bins from becoming injured will be a necessity. Here are some tips you can use when setting up a bulk bin area for your employees to minimize the likelihood of an on-the-job injury when these containers are used.

Make Sure Tops Are Completely Secure

It is important to purchase bulk bins that have lids included with the container portion. This will help keep sharp or heavy items inside of the containers instead of peeking out over the rims where they are more likely to cause someone an injury should a bin tip over. Do a daily check to make sure tops have been replaced at the end of the work day so no one becomes hurt when they come into work the next morning or for an over-night shift. It is a good idea to keep a few extra containers and lids in a storage area should one become damaged, making it easy to swap out pieces so inventory will continue to be protected.

Keep The Bins In The Right Location

Place bulk bins in a spot out of the way from other activity if possible. A corner of the warehouse will work well as there will be no worry about someone walking behind a bin stack, putting themselves at a possible risk for an injury as a result. It is also best to keep bins inside of a wire caged area so the hub-bub of activity in the warehouse does not cause an accidental tipping incident where items will spill out into the warehouse work space.

Provide Guidelines For Proper Containment

Post a list of instructions near the bulk bins to alert employees of weight restrictions when placing items inside of the containers. Heavier items should be placed in the bottoms of bins, and these bins should remain on the floor and not be stacked on upper tiers of pallet jacks or rolling carts. Placing a list of inventory near the bins will also aid in keeping employees from sifting through containers to look for specific items, possibly causing them to get hurt on an item they are not used to handling.