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Buying Your First Commercial Building? Why Your Plans Should Include An Air Curtain

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If you have recently purchased a commercial building in the hope of launching your own business, there are many small details that you don't want to overlook. For example, you need to be sure that the floor plan and the electrical outlet availability is sufficient, as well as the lights and other fundamentals. However, what many new business owners don't think about is adding a feature like an air curtain at the doors. Here's a look at a few of the reasons you should consider making this investment.

What Exactly Is An Air Curtain?

If you have ever walked into a commercial building and felt a rush of air push down on you as you walk in, you have been through an air curtain. It's a high-pressure wave of air that blows directly down in front of the door to block outside air from moving through the door when it opens.

Why Should You Install An Air Curtain?

Now that you understand what an air curtain actually is, you might wonder why it would be beneficial for your property. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to install an air curtain at your entrances:

  • Cuts Your Heating And Cooling Costs: An air curtain is a great way to help you minimize your energy costs. Remember that your commercial HVAC system will use a lot of energy to maintain the climate control the way you have set it. Unfortunately, when you operate a commercial property that has a lot of traffic in and out of the doors, the open doors can wreak havoc on your energy costs. Those doors allow outdoor heat, cold, and humidity into the building unless you do something to block it. The air curtain, installed directly outside the entrance door, will form a barrier that will keep the outside air from passing through and affecting the interior space.
  • Keeps Bugs Out: When the doors of a commercial property open and close on a regular basis, that allows bugs to get in fairly easily. When you have an air curtain, the pressure of the air blowing downward creates a wall that won't allow flying or crawling insects to get through nearly as easily as they otherwise could.
  • Reduces Contaminants: No matter what kind of area your building is in, there's always a risk of certain types of airborne contaminants. Airborne infectious diseases, manufacturing and production dust, and even dirt from construction in the area can all be blocked from entering your building with the simple placement of an entrance air curtain.